TURBOCHARGE LIGHTROOM! How to speed up Lightroom NOW!

How to TURBOCHARGE Adobe Lightroom! In this short short video I show you how to create smart previews on either import dialogues or library images. It’s simple, it’s fast and it allows you to take your complete library of images with you and edit on the run!! That is priceless, and you’re gonna love it so much you might actually go crazy.


Camera basics, what you NEED to know about ISO! Everything about what ISO does to your images. Watch the second of my films on the 3 main camera settings that will get you out of the AUTO mode! Take control of your camera NOW!


YOU NEED this tool!! Every filmmaker needs this tool! Every photographer NEEDS this tool! Smallrig folding tool, that’s what this is all about. You’re out taking photos on location, you look in your wallet, no coins, keys won’t fit, fingernails not doing the job. Go get yourself one of these! You won’t regret it!


Camera basics, what you NEED to know about aperture! Everything about f-stops. Watch the first of my films on the 3 main camera settings that will get you out of the AUTO mode! Take control of your camera NOW!

HOW to make things LEVITATE in your PHOTOS!

I LOVE THIS!! How to levitate stuff in photos! This is so cool, I’m going to teach you how to float stuff, and it’s really, really easy to do! If you’re into hovering, this is for YOU!

I will be teaching you two really easy methods, if you don’t have Adobe Photoshop, that’s fine, however for the second method, you’ll need it for a really quick and simple touch up that I’ll walk you through. I’ve used these methods for hundreds of pack-shots and promotional photos, check it out, you won’t be sorry!

WHY I bought the SONY A7III, when I already HAD the NIKON D850

In this film I talk about why I when out and bought the tiny little matchbox sized Sony A7III, when I already owned the 46mp Nikon D850. You can pretty much tell from the intro that I filmed on the D850, watching it is worse than getting teeth pulled, it’s over fast though, keep on watching!

I love both cameras, however, each one has a completely different use for me. I would love to have just one set of lenses from one brand, unfortunately there are a couple of factors stopping me that I touch on here in this film. Maybe in the future this will change, I’ll keep you posted.

The CAMERA GEAR I use! 2019

Hi guys! What is The CAMERA GEAR I use! I get asked this almost everyday! I love watching films about camera gear, it’s something we photographers and cinematographers can’t get enough of! (We’re just big kids at heart) I go through a LOT of camera gear, so I’ll be making one of these every so often to update you on what’s changing in my camera bag and what I use to create these films!


Here are 10 camera hacks that I’ve picked up since I first started playing with cameras many years ago! I use many of these hacks on a regular basis if I need to rig something quickly. All of these items will help you up your photo/video game and are available around the house or in your local market.

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